Courses and Training:

Dr Linda Greenwall and Diane Rochford offer a range of courses for dental professionals.

For more information on all courses, including available dates, venues and fees please contact Dr Linda Greenwall either by

or tel: +44 (0)20 7267 7070


Temple University Kornberg School of Dentistry, 3223 N Broad St, Philadelphia, PA 19140, USA

Monday 28th August 2017 – Friday 1st 1st September 2017 9.00 am – 4.00pm

Presented by Dr Linda Greenwall, Prosthodontist and Specialist in Restorative Dentistry, BDS MGDS RCS MSc MRD RCS FFGDP(UK)

Delegates will learn:
– Patient Assessment
– Treatment Planning
– Tooth Whitening Techniques
– Minimal Invasive Aesthetics
– Resin Infiltration
– Microabrasion
– Non Vital Bleaching
– Tooth Wear management
– Inside/Outside Bleaching
– Composite Build up
– White spot management
– Layering Composites
– Palatal Veneers
– Emax Inlays/Onlays
– Midline Diastema closure
– Restorative Bondings


‘Considering tooth whitening?’

Who will be carrying out the procedure? What training and experience do they have? These are first two questions the GDC recommend the public ask when seeking tooth whitening treatment.

Dr Linda Greenwall, author of the award winning book ‘Bleaching Techniques in Restorative Dentistry’ and international speaker, offers tooth whitening courses for dentists, dental hygienist & dental therapists.

Two Day Advanced Tooth Whitening courses with Dr. Linda Greenwall, are held at her practice in London. The course designed for dentists, although dental hygienists and dental therapists are also welcome to attend.

The first day is theory covering all aspects of tooth whitening in line with the EU directive, along with treatment planning, internal bleaching and micro abrasion and much more.
The second day is hands-on, allowing delegates the opportunity to learn new skills and refine those already mastered.

Impression taking, pouring models and making bleaching trays with guidance from our dental technician, practicing in-surgery isolation techniques and other new techniques that can be implemented following the initial whitening treatment to complete aesthetic cases.

Courses have 12 hours verifiable CPD.

The next course will be held on:

Thursday 23rd & Friday 24th November 2017


The one day tooth whitening courses for dental hygienists and dental therapists are taught by Dr Greenwall’s dental hygienist Diane Rochford.

Diane joined Dr. Greenwall’s team 18yrs ago and has had the opportunity to learn about tooth whitening by providing treatment for patients and attending many lectures and courses over the

All aspects of tooth whitening relating to the scope of practice and in line with the EU Directive are taught, delegates practicing impression taking, making bleaching trays, home whitening protocols and in-surgery isolation techniques.

Courses have 6 hours verifiable CPD.

The courses are held in London, Leeds and Manchester on a regular basis, also Scotland and Nuneaton.

Courses for 2017 are:

Friday 29th September (Full) – London

Friday 10th November – Ilkley, near Leeds

Friday 1st December (Full) – Ilkley, near Leeds

Courses for 2018 are:

Friday 19th January – London

Friday 9th March – Ilkley, West Yorkshire

Friday 16th March – London

Friday 8th June – London

Friday 15th June – Ilkley, West Yorkshire

All the courses are non-bias and evidence based. They are supported by company’s who are all market leaders in the field of tooth whitening, giving delegates the opportunity to try and learn about the various products.

For further details regarding fees, course dates for 2016 and any other questions about the courses please email or call the practice on 0207 267 7070.




"It has been the first whitening course I have ever attended and I am really enthusiastic about it.

Now I have all the knowledge to go through with a complete whitening protocol for all the cases and indications and as a hygienist this a good added value.

Dr. Linda Greenwall's course is a great opportunity to go in depth in this field and to succeed in your profession."

Dr. Sarah Santini, Dental Hygienist,
Faenza, Italy

"I have been treating patient with whitening for 15 years, then I felt to update the techniques and materials and, even more important, I needed to understand how to run this in the practice on a routine base. It's been amazing to attend Dr. Linda Greenwall's whitening course! With that I have reached both the goals.

Her knowledge in this field is very high and the ability to communicate it is absolutely uncommon.

Actually, a 5 stars course!
Thanks Linda!"

Dr. Pier Carlo Frabboni, DDS,
Bologna, Italy

"Main benefit of the course:
...Being able to do predictable tooth whitening with confidence..."