19th February 2014 "Treatment options for white spot removal":

Dr Linda Greenwall presented a webinar on Tuesday 18th February entitled, “Treatment options for white spot removal”.

Follow this link to watch.

Summary –

There has been an exponential demand for patients requesting smile improvement. Whilst the previous model of destruction of healthy teeth to provide the “Perfect Smile” which was inappropriate, there are more simpler ways to improve smiles for patients with severe white marks on their teeth and white spots discolouration. The current trend is towards minimally invasive aesthetic dentistry and the presentation will discuss options for treatment and the treatment planning protocols that need to be in place in order for to accomplish this minimally invasive modality for patients with severe nwhite spot discolouration ( eg Fluorosis, mottling, white spots, white mark discolouration).

The presentation will include tooth whitening techniques, microabrasion, use of Ikon Infiltration Resin to treat white lesions after bleaching and combinations of treatment with composite bonding. The presentation will show before and after cases demonstrating this minimally invasive approach. New whitening treatment techniques will focus on minimally invasive aesthetic dentistry.