10 ways to join us in promoting wellness through oral health!

  1. Sponsor our project for children in the UK
  2. Sponsor our project for children in South Africa
  3. Sponsor our project for the elderly
  4. Sponsor our Dental Ambassador Programme for young people
  5. Engage employees and local communities in fundraising
  6. Raise funds by holding a cake sale, entering a marathon, holding a 5-a-side football tournament or any innovative ideas
  7. Donate toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, dental equipment to our projects in the UK, Africa, Eastern Europe and elsewhere
  8. Have a Dental Good Deed Day to help spread the oral health message
  9. Create more meaning and fun for dental teams by volunteering on one of our projects
  10. Make us your chosen charity of the year!

Please call and speak to us about further ways we can engage to help the many children and the elderly who will benefit from our projects. If you would like to demonstrate corporate responsibility by making a donation or gifts in kind, please visit or call 020 7267 7070 or email

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