9th September 2013 Epic Lecture Tour of Australia:

Dr Linda Greenwall recently completed a 7 lecture tour across Australia, with the last lecture for 200 dentists in Sydney, what a week! Here are some photos from the trip.


12th July 2013 Bringing Smiles to the Elderly:

Oral health often has low priority in elderly care. Oral health care for the elderly is of particular importance because it can affect overall health to a greater extent than in younger people.


1st July 2013 Finalist in the Wizo Commitment Awards 2013:

We are excited to announce that Dental Wellness Trust Founder, Dr Linda Greenwall is a Finalist in the WIZO Commitment Awards. The awards recognize outstanding commitment and passion for charitable causes. A significant number of high caliber individuals were nominated for the Award. Dr Linda Greenwall was nominated for the Charity Entrepreneur category, which recognizes a philanthropic individual who is committed to using their inventiveness and vision for the development of others.


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